Monday, May 6, 2013

Out for a Spin

Just a beautiful weekend to take the Ruckus out for a I decided to visit one of my favorite haunts...
The first time I ever saw this wall - my eyes were drawn to the beauty of it by the reflection of the sun bouncing off the sandstone.
It starts off low - before rising in the center and ending back low again. Very Native American look - in the form of a rattlesnake effigy. Much like an similar example at Stonewall Jackson State Park  in West Virginia.
The total length of the wall is about 1/4 mile - pretty nice size.
 The structure as a whole - shows considerable age...
Showing the wall snaking it's way up the hill. As you can see - there is a lot weather related damage to the structure. I had intended to shoot the entire wall - but right about here - it sounded like a coyote den was very close by - you could hear the pups whimpering - so I turned around at this point - because I didn't want to piss the mother off...
So I dug up some old shots of the end section - where it begins to taper down...
To the end here - with the stones leaning against each other - much like the scales of a tail.
Right where the wall stops - is this nice size mounds that again - shows considerable age. There are also some other structures at this site that point to Native American - along with another wall of similar size and three other smaller walls.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Rock Shelter

With most of the snow finally gone - rockpile season has begun for me. This rock shelter is located on the hillside above Conemaugh Gap. The scale is hard to tell from this shot.
From this angle - you can get a better looks at the scale.
This shot is a bit on the bright side - April sun - plus old camera - which meant some of my shots didn't turn out.
View directly in front of the shelter. There are also a set of nice springs located in an area behind the shelter. No rockpiles in this area - that I have seen yet - but there looks to be some possible larger rock mounds a couple of hundred feet from here. But they still have snow on them.