Friday, January 21, 2011

Modern Use - Rockpiles and Walls - Part 2

With more than 5 feet of snow in the Laurel Highlands - I am digging out old stuff. This is from Spring. This is one of a set of walls behind the rockpile with the flag -  following up from my previous post. Besides the two large rockpiles. This site contains: springs, walls, low rockpiles and a couple of earthen mounds. More shots of wall 1.
This wall runs sort of like an L.
Wall 2
With another old fence. Now this was the site of an old farmstead from 1900 to about the 1980's.
Moving on - right by the fence is this:
Then this
Wall 3 - Low to the Ground - with another old fence.
Heading over to the springs - This is Spring 1
Spring 2
Spring 3
And they all feed into this small pool
This pool and the springs that feed it could have been a watering hole for animals and humans. But the whole system looks more than 100 years old to me.
Also at the site this small earthen mound and though it's hard to tell - another is in the distance - but these could also have been made by a bulldozer - but looking at them in person - I get the feeling they are manmade.
My overall feeling about this site is mixed. At times, it almost looks like a text book case of "how to build a rockpile site" but then it also looks like some structures might have been freshed up and rebuilt. This is now the site of a summer camp - which is why you see the grass cut. But I can tell you I have found stone tools like grinding stones and hammer stones along the side of the road there after a good, hard rain.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Modern Use - Rockpiles - Part 1

Interesting modern touch for a rebuilt rockpile. There is yet another rockpile behind this.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Marker Piles?

Four small rockpiles in a line hugging the side of a hill - there are a couple more like this in the same area.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Rockpile - Low to Ground

Hopefully some more of the snow will melt with today's weather. So my season can begin again. We have had snow cover since November in the area's I normally search.
This rockpile seems to be anchored by four triangle shaped rocks - which might possibly represent North, South, East and West.  Located off of Decker that if the area was clear cut - you could see straight into the Conemaugh Gap. There are a few more of this rockpile type in the same area.