Saturday, February 18, 2012

Conemaugh Gap - Hillside

Just a beautiful day to head out for a little rockpile hunting - at the beginning of the Conemaugh Gap - Haws Pike side. Thought this was neat - boulder with a little fossil action going on.
I just love stuff like this.
Spotted a couple of nice size - oval - rockpiles - though it's probably pretty hard to tell from this shot.
Four stones - that make up a circle - pointing towards the gap.
A nice size - round - rockpile with a tree growing out of it.
This thing just caught my eye - most likely natural - but it looks like a kind of saddle.
I'll tell you though - sitting on this stone - you do get a nice view of the valley down below,
Another large rockpile - with an even bigger tree growing out of it.
Another large rockpile - with a triangle stone that caught my eye.
And finally this example