Sunday, October 21, 2012

Possible Rock Shelter

Just a beautiful day to be in the woods. RJ wanted to ride on the back of what I call bear rock - with cub rock on the lower right.
But enough about bear - here is what I am talking about. It's larger than it appears by this shot.
But before I show the front of this - RJ is heading up to a sort of tunnel or trench like structure.
This is actually smaller than it appears - room enough for one person at a time to go thru.
This also has parts that show some fire cracked rock damage. Though you can't tell from this picture - the whole things goes slighty up hill.
Looking back towards the way you go in.
Looking around at the top here - I think there could be a couple of possible rockpiles. But will clean some of this off another time to get  better understanding of what may be going on here.
Looking back towards the whole of the trench
This juts out more than it appears - I was running out of card space at this point. Besides this picture isn't the greatest - it was just a hard place to shoot.
RJ peeking around the other opening. I will be going back to take better pictures of this structure in the future.