Sunday, December 16, 2012

Not much - but could be?

The weather has been great for searching - too bad I have not been finding much - except for this possible structure. I am standing along the ridge line of the Conemaugh Gap.
 Interesting though with the notch-like theme on the right hand side.

 The left-hand side continues the notch - with what looks like a possible Manitou. I will say that the possible structure points North and even if the area was clear cut - there would be no way for this to be used for either a sunrise or sunset points. But the moon or stars - that's another question. My E-Trek Garmin does not seem to want to connect to any satellites - so I can prove that point at this time.
I sort of guess as to the exact location via Google Maps - there are a few cairns scattered around the area - but they are so low to the ground - that there could be more for all I know.


Sunday, October 21, 2012

Possible Rock Shelter

Just a beautiful day to be in the woods. RJ wanted to ride on the back of what I call bear rock - with cub rock on the lower right.
But enough about bear - here is what I am talking about. It's larger than it appears by this shot.
But before I show the front of this - RJ is heading up to a sort of tunnel or trench like structure.
This is actually smaller than it appears - room enough for one person at a time to go thru.
This also has parts that show some fire cracked rock damage. Though you can't tell from this picture - the whole things goes slighty up hill.
Looking back towards the way you go in.
Looking around at the top here - I think there could be a couple of possible rockpiles. But will clean some of this off another time to get  better understanding of what may be going on here.
Looking back towards the whole of the trench
This juts out more than it appears - I was running out of card space at this point. Besides this picture isn't the greatest - it was just a hard place to shoot.
RJ peeking around the other opening. I will be going back to take better pictures of this structure in the future.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Gettysburg Turtle

Took a weekend trip to Gettysburg and what do I see on Little Round Top - looks like a turtle to me. 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Rockpile with tree

Since it's too hot and I don't go off trail in the summer. I was going thru some pictures from a couple of months ago. This is a nice size rockpile with an even larger set of trees growing out of the top.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Couple of Mounds

Exploring an area along the top edge of the Conemaugh Gap. This possible structure caught my eye. It's made up of three large stones - and a dip in the ground - which is where I think they got the dirt of the oval type mound.
It's made up of dirt and rock. Then found this a couple of hundred feet away.
Nice size mound of dirt and rock overlooking the gap. Directly underneath it - could be a possible rock shelter.
This is steeper than it looks - which is why this picture isn't the greatest.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Quick Spin

Took the Ruck up the mountain for a quick spin - in a spot I have never been before. Parked - looking for signs of rockpiles and found....
This nice size rockpile - just off in the woods. This area looks down into the Conemaugh Gap - and I have found other rockpiles in another section. This is sort of untouched territory for me - since in the past it has taken me - far too long to walk into the area - that's why I bought the Ruckus.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

New Exploring Partner

Just got my new 2012 Honda Ruckus. There are spots up the mountain that take an hour to walk into - thought this might come in handy when I don't feel like walking the whole way in.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Point Found Near Rockpile

I found this point last month on a trip up the mountain. I actually kicked it up with my boot. I don't really spend much time looking for points - since it's so darn hard on the eyes. What I thought was interesting was - that I found it a couple of hundred feet away from this:

Saturday, March 24, 2012


I find this possible structure so interesting. Sort of looks like a cross between a tadpole and a turtle. It's a low to the ground wall (tail) and it has a rounded end - that looks like the head of a turtle. Given the history of this piece of land - there was a Native American woman married to a free African-American man around 1800. She along with their eight children died before 1820. This area also has a large wall along with a couple of rockpiles and what's lefdt of a very large and old chestnut tree.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Mounds and Skull - Lower Yoder Township

It was just a beauitful day for being in the woods. Spotted this large, mess of a rock mound right off the bat.
RJ is standing on what's left of am old military road that probably dates from the French and Indian War.
Showing off a section of the originial Mountain Road - that dates to at least 1774 according to 'Frontier Forts of Western Pennsylvania'.
I just can't seem to ever stay from this stone skull - I always take a couple of shots of it when passing this way.
I think I am about the only one that thinks this is something - and I always will.
This is the first mound I ever found many years ago and it will always continue to be my favorite. This is about 1/2 mile from the stone skull.
Closeup - but around the other side
A hollow - that looks like it was built that way.
Found this new small rockpile nearby.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Conemaugh Gap - Hillside

Just a beautiful day to head out for a little rockpile hunting - at the beginning of the Conemaugh Gap - Haws Pike side. Thought this was neat - boulder with a little fossil action going on.
I just love stuff like this.
Spotted a couple of nice size - oval - rockpiles - though it's probably pretty hard to tell from this shot.
Four stones - that make up a circle - pointing towards the gap.
A nice size - round - rockpile with a tree growing out of it.
This thing just caught my eye - most likely natural - but it looks like a kind of saddle.
I'll tell you though - sitting on this stone - you do get a nice view of the valley down below,
Another large rockpile - with an even bigger tree growing out of it.
Another large rockpile - with a triangle stone that caught my eye.
And finally this example