Sunday, December 16, 2012

Not much - but could be?

The weather has been great for searching - too bad I have not been finding much - except for this possible structure. I am standing along the ridge line of the Conemaugh Gap.
 Interesting though with the notch-like theme on the right hand side.

 The left-hand side continues the notch - with what looks like a possible Manitou. I will say that the possible structure points North and even if the area was clear cut - there would be no way for this to be used for either a sunrise or sunset points. But the moon or stars - that's another question. My E-Trek Garmin does not seem to want to connect to any satellites - so I can prove that point at this time.
I sort of guess as to the exact location via Google Maps - there are a few cairns scattered around the area - but they are so low to the ground - that there could be more for all I know.